Dancing Dave

by Julia Malakoff

Published in the Reston Patch, Reston, VA on March 29, 2012

Date night last night at the Verizon Center was spent in a musical time warp, journeying through decades passed.  KOOL and the Gang opened the stage, all nine guys in their shiny sleek bell bottoms swinging in sync to their classic seventies tunes. I have to say, my husband and I, both in our forties, chuckled at the thought of seeing Kool and the Gang in the twenty-first century, but, the two original brothers, in their mature years, revitalized their band with a few young bloods. It was almost as if the younger singers were trying hard to keep up with the highly energized musical talent of the older generation. The music was timeless and the audience immediately fell into the magic with tunes such as Celebrate, Jungle Boogie, and Ladies Night. Continue reading